Singing to End Hunger

Canadian Foodgrains Bank invites singers, choral conductors, musicians, and other volunteers across Canada to join together and envision a world without hunger. Common Vision is a do-it-yourself concert for your community to encourage action and participation in efforts to end global hunger.

The Common Vision resources feature the original music of Ron Klusmeier, but are flexible enough to incorporate other music your community may wish to include. Donations received at the concerts go directly to the Foodgrains Bank, and are eligible to be matched by the Canadian government through Global Affairs Canada to provide emergency food assistance for people in crisis. Project examples include food vouchers for Syrian refugees, or food for families displaced by conflict in South Sudan. Included is an opportunity for each  concert attendee to add their voice through a simple postcard to show the federal government Canadians care about ending global poverty and hunger.

How do I do it?

Everything needed to organize and present a Common Vision concert is provided in complimentary resources provided by the Foodgrains Bank. At no cost to your community, these resources include copyright-cleared music for singers and musicians, rehearsal recordings, publicity materials, detailed task descriptions, and more. All that is required is a few volunteers to make a Common Vision concert happen in your community.

Fill out our short online form to indicate your interest in Common Vision – you’ll be put in touch directly with Foodgrains Bank staff who will provide personal support for your event.

Why do it?

Did you know one in nine people in the world do NOT know where their next meal is coming from? That’s roughly 821 million people who do not have enough to eat!

The Foodgrains Bank works through its member agencies and their local partners to respond to the needs of people experiencing hunger in countries around the world. In times of emergency, such as conflict or drought, we provide emergency food to help in times of need. We also support families and communities who regularly experience hunger in the longer-term through our agriculture and livelihoods work. An area of focus for us is helping small-scale farm families improve their crop production and livelihoods. We also promote good nutrition practices, with a particular focus on mothers and young children.

Common Vision is an opportunity to engage your community to support this work by singing, learning, giving, and advocating.

When do we organize our concert?

Concerts can be organized any time that suits you! Utilizing the power of social media, local events will be recognized as an important piece of a larger, nationwide offering. Material and personal support begins the moment you register!

Interested? Fill out our short online form to register for Common Vision.