Until All Are Fed:
A Working Plan

Strategic Framework

Our Five-Year Destination

In living out our Christian response to hunger, we will be known for sector leading, locally-driven innovative partnerships that by 2026 will support systemic change to increase food security for at least 1.5 million people each year.

The context for a new strategic framework

Designed to propel us forward into a better and more just future, our new strategic plan ‘Until All Are Fed’ is responsive to the emerging realities of global hunger and reflects the evolution of established programs, as well as new initiatives and innovations in our work.

Areas of Focus

Courageous InnovatorsCourageous Innovators

We plan to see more people with increased food security as a result of innovative programming and systems level change that address the root causes of hunger.

Compelling InvitationCompelling Invitation

We plan to see more diverse groups of people taking action, growing in understanding and improving public policies to end global hunger.

Advancing Equitable PracticeAdvancing Equitable Practice

We plan to see the priorities of the people we serve reflected in all aspects of the Foodgrains Bank work.

Vibrant Network RelationshipsVibrant Network Relationships

We plan to see a respectful, productive network where information is shared and everyone’s contribution to ending hunger is valued.

Whoever has two shirts should share with the person who doesn’t have any. Whoever has food should share it too.
Luke 3:11


“Back in Syria we had a piece of land that we used to grow potatoes and beets and cotton and onions. Then, one day shelling started right next to our house. Over the coming days violent attackers would come…We then left. The local church came to visit us…and has been helping ever since. They were giving out food vouchers and we received one…The (regularly given) voucher usually lasts us about 20 days and is our main source of food. It means a lot.”
– Fubba, a Syrian mother taking refuge in Lebanon from war in her home community