Be a voice for ending global hunger!

Did you know the number of people who suffer the indignity of hunger around the world has increased by 36 million over the last three years?

Despite important progress on hunger over the last few decades, increasing global conflict and climate variability are now pushing more people into hunger. Recent disruptions to food supply, lockdowns and economic downturns due to COVID-19 are expected to more than double the number of people facing severe food insecurity in the coming months.

At the same time, the amount of Canadian aid for food producers living on the margins has been decreasing! The connection between global health and the importance of food security has never been more clear.

Food is essential. Since 70 percent of people who experience hunger are food producers, NOW is the time for Canada to increase its support for small-scale farmers—especially women—NOT cut back.

Our values affect how we respond to the needs of the more than 690 million people who go to bed hungry each night, whether here at home or abroad. Values of compassion and generosity are needed for a global community where poverty and hunger are no longer acceptable.

But values alone do not create change.

The commitment and actions of non-governmental organizations, business leaders, academics, and individuals like you hold governments to account. Such actions have contributed significantly to a real improvement in people’s access to basic rights, like food.

Chart comparing Canadian Aid for Agriculture & Global Hunger

If decision makers don’t hear from their constituents, they may assume people don’t care about global hunger. When we come together and speak up, our voices make a difference. This is especially true for small-scale women farmers, who play a key role in helping end hunger in their communities around the world.