Be a voice for ending global hunger!

Despite important progress on hunger over the last few decades, the number of people facing hunger is rising again. The COVID-19 pandemic, and restrictions to protect health, have caused disruption to food systems, driving more people into food insecurity.

At the same time, longer term issues such as ongoing poverty, conflict, gender inequality, and climate change continue to cause hunger.

Much more needs to be done to support food producers living on the margins.

Source: Data taken from FAO State of Food Insecurity reports and Canada’s annual reports on international assistance

Canada  has made a new commitment to financially supporting developing countries in adapting to and mitigating climate change.  As part of this commitment, we want Canada to help small-scale food producers adapt to climate change and build more resilient food systems.

Because of climate change, small-scale food producers face increased droughts, more extreme weather and new pests. They lack the training and support needed to address these challenges. This is particularly true for women.

Our values affect how we respond to the needs of around 768 million people who go to bed hungry each night, whether here at home or abroad. Values of compassion and generosity are needed for a global community where poverty and hunger are no longer acceptable. But values alone do not create change.

Our government has an important role in providing assistance. And voices from civil society, including individuals like you, help hold governments to account. The commitment and actions of non-governmental organizations, business leaders, academics, and individuals like you have contributed significantly to a real improvement in people’s access to basic rights, like food.

If decision makers don’t hear from their constituents, they may assume people don’t care about global hunger. When we come together and speak up, our voices make a difference.

Please use your voice by writing a letter to the Minister of Environment & Climate Change, and the Minister of International Development, using the buttons at the top or the bottom of the page. This is a quick action you can take that can make a big difference!