What it means to be a Foodgrains Bank volunteer

When you volunteer for the Foodgrains Bank, you are joining a network of compassionate Christians in Canada and around the world who believe that no one should go to bed hungry, and who are working together to end global hunger. Our network includes individuals, churches and businesses who give their time, expertise and energy to raise awareness and money toward the vision of a world without hunger.

Volunteer regional representatives

Our regional representatives in the Maritimes are volunteers just like you! Our work wouldn’t be possible without volunteers who have a heart for helping the hungry and answering Jesus’ call to love our neighbours.

We’d love to connect

If you would like to volunteer fill out this application form and a staff member will follow up with you after reviewing your information.

Currently our volunteer opportunities are Canadian-based. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities outside of Canada, we invite you to contact our member organizations directly, as they manage the programming and volunteer needs for their programs.

Volunteer application form

Volunteer positions

  • Event volunteers

    Event volunteers are called on to help with a variety of tasks that make Foodgrains Bank events run smoothly and enjoyably for all participants. Tasks are event specific and could include but are not limited to, planning and promoting events, administration, packing, welcoming guests, planning décor, event set-up and take-down.

  • Ambassadors

    Being an ambassador will give you the opportunity to promote the work of Foodgrains Bank in your local area. Ambassadors are trained to make presentations about our programs, educational activities and public policies to local churches, community groups and schools about the work of the Foodgrains Bank.

  • Community project leaders

    Community project leaders are essential for each of the over 200 community projects across Canada that raise support for the Foodgrains Bank through annual fundraising projects. Whether it’s a farmer-led field growing project, an auction or an annual concert, strong leadership is critical to coordinate other volunteers so the project functions smoothly.

  • Photographers

    Volunteer photographers are needed to provide good quality photographs for Foodgrains Bank promotional needs. This position will allow you not only to use and develop your photography skills, but it will also provide you the opportunity to attend a variety of events and agricultural activities in your area. Volunteer photographers are encouraged to take initiative to attend local Foodgrains Bank-related events and regional representatives will inform you of other photo opportunities in your area.

  • Advocacy promoters

    Since advocacy is one of the key ways to support the goal of ending global hunger, we need people who can mobilize others to take various advocacy actions. Advocacy promoters will gather groups of people together to learn about a key issue from our work, write letters to elected representatives, attend events where a booth or presentation could involve sharing an advocacy call to action, or share this type of activity online to encourage others to act.

  • Educational activity facilitators

    The Foodgrains Bank produces materials to educate and engage Canadians of all ages on the topic of hunger and global food security. As a volunteer educational activity facilitator, you will be trained on how to lead groups through the exercises and facilitate learning about issues related to global hunger and to encourage action based on the information learned.

  • Financial reviewers

    The Foodgrains Bank needs professional accountants to help us conduct financial reviews of partner agencies in the field. Financial accountability is important to the Foodgrains Bank, but we must still remain mindful of our administrative costs. With volunteer help, we are more able to ensure that donated funds are completely accounted for and give advice and support to partner agencies on how to strengthen their accounting systems and reporting.

  • Administrative support

    For this position, you will have administrative and business skills with great attention to detail and proficiency with computers. This position requires good multi-tasking skills to provide needed support for staff. Responsibilities may include making calls, assisting supporter relations or regional representatives with projects such as putting together mailings, typing, filing, etc. This position allows a good overview of the organization, and the time commitment can vary.