Prayer expresses faith and hope and moves us toward further action. In prayer we align our hearts with God and His compassionate love for the poor and hungry. Through prayer we also discern, along with God, how to use the resources at our disposal. Prayer reminds us that we are not alone, we depend on God, our earth, and all of humanity to work together to provide daily bread. The Foodgrains Bank has created resources to guide individuals, churches and communities through prayer and worship.


Advent & Christmas Worship Resource

Wrapped in the darkness of shorter days, Advent is a time for us to prepare for sharing the gift of hope that arrives with Jesus’ birth. We can also use this season to prepare a place for God’s promise of peace, both in our hearts and in our lives by reflecting on meaningful ways to share with those in need.

Advent Prayer: Reveal Yourself God

In the promise which is everywhere about us
Hold us God
In the longing for a new world and new living
Cradle us God
In the hunger for justice that aches in us
Feed us God
In the search for healing in our broken world
Find us God
In the gathering round the table
Gather with us God
In the breaking of bread and spilling of wine
Share with us God
In the community of faith
Reveal yourself God

~ adapted from a litany on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.