Think about what would inspire your community to create positive change. It usually begins with a learning experience or new awareness about an important issue. Learning is an ongoing process—We educate ourselves, we educate others, and we educate ourselves again. The Foodgrains Bank creates opportunities for you and groups to learn more. Tours and events are designed to teach and prepare volunteers to share that learning with their community.


Seven ways COVID-19 is increasing global hunger

The pandemic has created significant challenges for people around the world.

For the 690 million people facing hunger, the disruptions to food systems and economic slowdown are creating new challenges, and adding to their numbers. Now, more than ever, food assistance and protecting people’s livelihoods are essential.

Common Strength Documentary

Colleen Dyck, a farmer and entrepreneur from Niverville, Manitoba, travelled to western Kenya to live and work alongside small-scale farmer Lucy Anyango in March 2019. Colleen and Lucy’s experiences were documented in a short film called Common Strength, which explores the important role women play to end hunger in their communities.

If you are interested in hosting a screening in your community, we’ve created a viewing guide, poster template and other materials to help guide you.

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