Complaints & Feedback

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is committed to improving the quality of our work and enhancing our accountability to those we serve, including member organizations, partner organizations, supporters, the public, and, most importantly, beneficiaries and project participants.

Receiving and responding to complaints and feedback provides an opportunity for the Foodgrains Bank and its members and partners to learn and improve the way we work.


A complaint is an allegation of wrongdoing, a grievance, or an expression of dissatisfaction with a person, action, or process. Complaints may be about actual or suspected:

  • Financial wrongdoing;
  • Protection concerns including harassment, mistreatment of children and vulnerable people, sexual exploitation or abuse;
  • Concerns about the design, implementation or quality of international projects;
  • Concerns about Foodgrains Bank communications, fundraising practices, advocacy work or interactions with Canadian publics;
  • Concerns about the functioning of working relationship with members or other stakeholders; or
  • Inappropriate or problematic workplace behavior and practices

A complaint should ideally be lodged as soon as possible after the complainant becomes aware of the concern, in order to maximise the timeliness and effectiveness of any response and remedial action. However, Canadian Foodgrains Bank will accept complaints at any time.


Feedback includes suggestions of ways to improve, notifications of mistakes, or expressions of concern for which there is no expectation of a formal response.

Submitting Complaints or Feedback

If you have a complaint or feedback, please click the button below to send an email to our Complaints Office. Any information received by the Complaints Office is considered confidential and will be treated as such.

Email the Complaints Office


Complaints and feedback can be submitted in person or by telephone, mail or email. Direct your complaints to the Complaints Office.

Phone 204.944.1993
Toll Free in North America 1.800.665.0377
Head Office 400-393 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mail Canadian Foodgrains Bank
P.O. Box 767
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 2L4

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is committed to responding to and addressing all complaints we receive. We have established and maintain a complaints management process that ensures complaints are directed to an appropriate focal point for response and action, and a follow up process to ensure the complaint has been adequately addressed. As the first step in this process, Canadian Foodgrains Bank will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within five business days and will at that time outline next steps in addressing the complaint.

Complaints about the actions or inactions of a member or partner organization and their staff related to an activity funded by Canadian Foodgrains Bank will be directed to the member and/or partner organization for their response and action with follow up from Canadian Foodgrains Bank to ensure the complaint has been addressed.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank has policies and processes in place to ensure the protection of whistleblowers and the confidentiality of complainants.

If a complaint is determined to be malicious or frivolous, Canadian Foodgrains Bank reserves the right to take corrective or disciplinary action as appropriate to the incident and the relationship of the complainant to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.


More information on policies related to the management of complaints can be found in the links below: