Hunger on the Hill

Join us to learn and advocate for an end to hunger!

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is inviting up to 25 adults (ages 18 to 30) to participate in our Spring 2023 Hunger on the Hill event, Young Voices edition. We are currently seeking folks to travel to Ottawa with us to learn about global hunger and to meet with MPs in person.

Are you concerned about climate change and the global food system? About Canada’s role in improving food security for people around the world who experience hunger?

Join us to learn more about the importance of advocacy in addressing the major challenge of hunger and climate change.

You will get to know other Canadians who care about these issues, and connect with Foodgrains Bank staff who work in the area of public policy and engagement.

Foodgrains Bank staff will work with participants across Canada, gathering first virtually over 2 online sessions,  and then live and in person in Ottawa (March 4th-8th) to learn more about advocacy with elected officials, and also about the links between our food systems and the issues of climate change, gender equality and food insecurity. Participants will work in small groups to meet face-to-face with MPs, with a debrief session to follow.

We are encouraging many people to apply. However, we have limited space, and therefore cannot guarantee participation for all those who express interest. Participation will be confirmed on a rolling basis. Applications will be closed by February 8th, 2023.

Please complete the following information to express your interest, and receive an application form via email.