Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s objective is to have two food security learning tours annually. We are currently preparing for our next learning tour, stay tuned for details!

When you join an international learning tour, you’ll visit communities that are participating in our food security projects. You’ll discover the reasons why communities live with the reality of hunger while building up your own knowledge. Many past participants talk about this life-changing experience as one that helps them come home ready to take meaningful action in their own communities on ending global hunger.

The purpose of learning tours

  • To facilitate learning about global food security and humanitarian crises, and equip participants to share that learning with other Canadians.
  • To build solidarity by providing opportunities for tour participants, staff, and their hosts to connect in a meaningful way.
  • To build awareness of and appreciation for member programming by introducing participants to Foodgrains Bank members and their partners.


Learning Tours

Who can participate?

  • Any citizen or permanent resident of Canada aged 18 years or above can apply.
  • Participation is limited to between 8-10 participants.

What is expected from participants

Prior to Departure

  • Spending up to six to ten hours attending pre-departure orientation and learning sessions that build capacity for engaging other Canadians upon returning home.
  • Performing pre-tour background learning using different provided media and reading materials on various topics including region specific information and root causes of hunger and poverty.

During the tour

  • Learning tours are not holidays or mission trips. Participants must be comfortable with basic accommodations.
  • Participants will visit projects being implemented in-country by Canadian Foodgrains Bank through its members and their partners.
  • Some of our tours will include several nights stay with local hosts where a deeper understanding of a family’s experience can take place.

Upon returning to Canada

  • Upon their return to Canada, learning tours participants must be committed to participating in advocacy initiatives and community awareness activities.
  • Participants are asked to commit to sharing their experiences and insights by speaking to local churches and community groups upon their return. This includes finding speaking opportunities on their own as well as being available for invitations given to the Foodgrains Bank. Participants are invited to be ambassadors for the 12 months following their return. This includes using what they have learned to help others better understand the root causes of hunger and poverty, complexities of building resilient food systems, and the realities of food production around the world.
  • Participants are required to speak and/or write publicly about their experiences, as well as take advocacy actions, after their return to Canada.

How much does it cost?

Canadian Foodgrains Bank will cover the bulk of the costs of the tour. Participants are asked to contribute $3500-4500 towards the cost of the tour.

Expression of interest

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is inviting 8-10 people to participate in our Food Security Learning Tour to Nepal from February 9-24, 2024.

We are currently accepting applications from Canadians who are passionate to learn more about global food security and humanitarian crises and be equipped with knowledge and skills to share with others and inspire them to take action.