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Growing Projects

Growing projects are when a community of farmers come together to join the mission of ending global hunger. Some may donate land, others plant, some people may fundraise for inputs and another group may harvest. And together a community is grown to support people around the world you may never meet, but whose well-being you have helped.

During a time of crisis, such as a violent conflict or flood, Canadian Foodgrains Bank helps people get food, sometimes by buying from local suppliers or even supplying vouchers for local stores. In places with more stability, long-term projects, such as training small-scale farmers on how to improve their yields while dealing with erratic weather, help improve livelihoods.

From British Columbia all the way across the country to Newfoundland and Labrador, it’s because of people who choose to share their harvest with the world that we’re able to help people who are living with hunger.

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We’re so grateful for the efforts and enthusiasm of people who started just like you, by taking the time to reach out and enquire about getting involved in a growing project.

Whether you’d like to start your own growing project or join an established one in Canada, you can help families survive and rebound from crises such as war, cyclones or flooding, or you can dedicate your efforts to long-term solutions like helping small-scale farmers overseas learn farming techniques such as conservation agriculture.

Your first step is to simply fill out the enquiry form and we’ll connect with you to answer any questions you may have.