It takes more than food to fight hunger

It takes somebody like you

Somebody to care enough to give, pray, learn and advocate.

Here’s how you can do it:

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Care to give…

When you donate to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, you help people facing hunger. During a crisis, such as a flood, conflict or pandemic, emergency food is given to families who have limited access to the necessities of life. During times of prolonged hunger, donations support food producers to improve farming methods and help increase both nutrition and quantity of produce.

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Care to pray…

Prayer expresses faith and hope and moves us toward further action. In prayer we align our hearts with God’s compassionate love for the poor and hungry. Pray for the people who face hunger and the ones who serve them. Pray for the staff at the Foodgrains Bank and our member organizations. Pray for more Canadians like you to care about people facing hunger.

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Care to learn…

The reasons why people are hungry are complex – so our responses must be as well. Conflict, gender discrimination, climate change and insufficient agricultural support can all cause short and long-term hunger for millions of women, men and children around the world.

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Care to advocate…

Use your voice to help end global hunger. The number of people who suffer the indignity of hunger around the world has increased by 36 million over the last three years. Yet the amount of Canadian aid for food producers living on the margins has decreased!

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