Humanitarian Emergency Gaza

Gaza Humanitarian Emergency

Your donation will support our members and their partners on the ground who are responding to this devastating situation.

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Funds raised above the intended goal will be used for similar work.


Canadian Foodgrains Bank is deeply conscious of the trust placed in us by thousands of Canadians in ensuring your gifts are used wisely. Thanks for partnering with us in the work of ending global hunger.

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Your support is urgently needed

Fatalities in the Gaza Strip have exceeded 14,800, many of whom are women and children. Over 27,000 people are injured. 1.8 million people have been internally displaced since October 7.

Food, water, medicines and power supplies are quickly running out in Gaza. There is significant need for urgent humanitarian assistance right now. 

Your gift will provide the crucial support that is needed during the crisis to prevent further loss of life and ensure necessities like food are accessible.  

Please give today to help local partners bring relief, and partner with us in prayer for all of those experiencing suffering from the ongoing conflict in Gaza. 

Donate today to help the people of Gaza.



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