Strengthening livelihoods in Turkana County

Long-term Response
Kenya Long-Term Response Project
Implementing Partner: Adventist Development and Relief Agency Kenya
Lead Member: Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada
People Served: 1,500
Budget: $300,016 (Year 1)
Timeline: March 2024 – February 2027

ADRA Canada and ADRA Kenya are implementing an agriculture and livelihoods project in the Turkana Central Sub-County, Turkana County, Kenya.

Turkana is primarily a pastoral community where livestock constitute the primary livelihood source in the area. However, the region has continued to experience severe drought, with five consecutive failed rain seasons in the last 3 years, rendering livestock production completely unreliable. Turkana is expected to continue to remain in IPC 3.

As a result, some community members have had to resort to continuously migrating in search of water and pasture in neighbouring counties and even into Uganda, which has resulted in conflicts/raids and further loss of livelihoods.

Building on the work of the BRACE project #2991 (HERD Program), the project will strengthen livelihoods and improve food security for women, girls, and other vulnerable members of pastoral community households most affected by climate-related shocks in Turkana Central by enhancing climate resilient agricultural and pastoral livelihoods, cash-for-work community assets, promoting alternative off-farm enterprises, including value addition, marketing and village savings and loans schemes while also enhancing decision-making and leadership abilities and opportunities for women and other vulnerable groups both at household and community level.

The project will involve 1,500 individual participants.

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