Kenya, Humanitarian Early Recovery and Development in Turkana

Emergency Food Assistance
Kenya Nexus Project
Implementing Partner: ADRA Kenya
Lead Member: ADRA Canada
People Served: 17,962
Budget: $347,165 (Year 4)
Timeline: April 2021 - December 2023

ADRA Canada is supporting ADRA Kenya as part of the Humanitarian, Early Recovery and Development program to implement the Building Resilience Against Crisis Effects (BRACE) project in Turkana Central sub-county of Turkana, Kenya.

Turkana Central has high levels of chronic poverty and has also experienced recurrent droughts and the impact on livelihoods of COVID-19.

A total of 2,000 households will benefit through the project, including 1,550 households receiving cash transfers to meet immediate food needs. These 1,550 households plus an additional 450 households (13,672 individuals) will receive livelihood supports including cash-for-work for community assets and capacity building in agriculture and livestock management practices. This additional assistance will provide four months of food assistance to 715 households (4,290 people) from the original group.

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