Fighting hunger takes planning, education, advocacy and more

Providing food to people in times of emergency is an important part of what we do. Just think: there are millions of people around the world who wouldn’t be alive today if they hadn’t been given emergency food during a crisis, violent conflict or in their time of need.

But if we’re going to end world hunger, we need to acknowledge the reasons hunger exists is about more than just food.

Get Involved

If we’re going to fight hunger, we need to use our voices to speak out, through advocacy.

We need to invest in local, in-country partners to help people grow more and better crops for their families. (Did you know that most people in the world who don’t get enough to eat are small-scale farmers in developing countries?)

We also invite you to join with people of faith the world over, and pray for people who are hungry. We have church resources and prayer ideas on our website to help you.

Ending hunger also means learning about the reasons why people are hungry, and asking ourselves what we can do about it.