821 million people are going to bed hungry every night

and Canadian aid is falling

How much does Canada give toward ending global poverty and hunger?


Based on share of its national income, Canada gives about half the amount given by like-minded countries and only about a third of the globally agreed amount.

Canadian aid makes a difference!

*Canada gives 0.26% of its Gross National Income (GNI) toward Official Development Assistance (2017), whereas Canada’s budget refers to the annual federal budget in which the Canadian government depicts how they plan to allocate their resources (1.7% of which has been allocated for aid).

Tweet the Leaders

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau took office in 2015 with the bold claim that “Canada’s back!” For the world’s poorest people, those powerful words need to be backed with equally powerful actions. In the 2018 budget, Canada started moving in the right direction by adding some additional funds to the aid budget. But we are still far behind other wealthy countries in our spending on aid. Let the Prime Minister know that you support the increase in the aid budget, and that you believe we can be an even more compassionate and generous country.

As Canadians, we aspire to be compassionate and generous. An increased aid budget will enable Canada to achieve its ambitious development goals, esp for women and children. We can and should do more to help end global poverty & hunger! @JustinTrudeau #MoreCanada #MoreAid4Ag

Minister of International Development & Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Maryam Monsef

Canada’s ambitious international assistance policy seeks to empower and improve the lives of millions of women, men and children around the world. As co-founder of the Red Pashmina Campaign, Minister Monsef has long been committed to empowering women around the world and here at home. Let Minister Monsef know that Canadians also care about ending global poverty and hunger so she can make the case for more Canadian aid at the Cabinet table!

Globally, extreme poverty has been cut in half since 1990! Canadian aid is contributing to transforming women’s lives and a better world for all, and I care about Canada’s role in helping end global poverty & hunger! @MaryamMonsef @Foodgrains #MoreCanada #MoreAid4Ag

Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna

Climate change continues to be a major cause of hunger. Increasingly unpredictable weather is making it hard for small-scale farmers to grow crops to feed their families. Support for vulnerable people comes out of Canada’s aid budget. With a growing aid budget, Minister McKenna could contribute more toward adaptation, ensuring the poorest people who are most affected by changes in the climate get the support they need.

I care about Canada’s role in supporting the poorest and most vulnerable people adapt to the effects of a changing climate. Let’s invest more in helping small-scale farmers, particularly women, around the world! @cathmckenna @Foodgrains #MoreCanada #MoreAid4Ag

Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau

Minister Morneau has the important job of preparing the federal government’s budget every year. Each budget requires difficult choices between areas to spend more on, and areas to cut. Compromises need to be made between the many competing priorities of Canadians. Some in the government believe ending global poverty and hunger isn’t a priority for Canadians. Tell Morneau you disagree—and that you support a more compassionate and generous Canada for everyone.

Helping people in other countries climb out of poverty contributes to a more stable, prosperous & hopeful world that benefits us all. I care about Canada’s role in helping end global poverty & hunger! We can and should do more. @Bill_Morneau @Foodgrains #MoreCanada #MoreAid4Ag

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Let the Prime Minister know that you care about ending global poverty and hunger. We can do more to create a better world for all!