Hunger Action Network

SSU Letters 1Food justice exists when everyone in the world has access to sufficient food to lead a healthy and active life. Unfortunately this is not the case. More than 800 million people do not have enough food to eat, even though the world grows more than enough to feed everyone.

As a response to global hunger and food injustice, Canadian Foodgrains Bank invites Canadians to use their voice.

Members of the Hunger Action Network advocate for those who are hungry by praying and by communicating with elected officials. One characteristic of living in poverty is not having one’s voice heard at meetings where decisions that affect one’s life are made. You can be a voice to remind elected officials about the importance of addressing hunger.

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As a member, you will receive the Hunger Action Network Update, a bi-monthly email containing updates, opportunities for action and learning, information and news about recent campaigns and hunger issues.

Network members can also host visitors from countries where Foodgrains Bank members work. These people are available to speak at churches, schools, workplaces and gatherings in homes about the challenges, and opportunities facing people in their countries.

Start advocating today–the Hunger Action Network can help you be a voice for ending hunger!

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