Emergency Food Assistance in Las Anod & Garowe

Emergency Food Assistance
Somalia Emergency Food Assistance Project
Implementing Partner: Adventist Development and Relief Agency Somalia
Lead Member: Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada
People Served: 12,840
Budget: $1,703,533
Timeline: August 2023 – March 2024

Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada (ADRA Canada) is supporting
Adventist Development and Relief Agency Somalia (ADRA Somalia) with a seven-month humanitarian response project in Las Anod district, Sool region, Somaliland and Garowe District, Puntland, Somalia. Somalia.

Somalia is facing the worst drought in the last 40 years. The unprecedented failure of five consecutive rainy seasons, as well as persistent conflict, displacement, and high food prices, are impacting 7.8 million people, nearly half of Somalia’s population. This has led to loss of life, severe damage to livelihoods and declining livestock holdings and overall food security.

The latest IPC Famine Review (April-June 2023) classified 1.86 million people (11% of the population) in Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and at least 222,710 people in Catastrophe (IPC Phase 5). The situation in Sool region and Las Anod town is being compounded by recent conflict which flared up in December 2022 and has led to increased displacement.

In response to these challenges, ADRA Somalia will provide seven monthly cash transfers of C$133 per household in Las Anod and C$120 per household in Garowe. A total of C$1.455 million will be provided. 1,605 of the most vulnerable households (12,840 individuals) will be targeted by this assistance. 1,445 of these households are displaced and 160 are vulnerable host households.

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