Humanitarian response to drought in Karamoja

Emergency Food Assistance
Uganda Emergency Food Assistance Project
Implementing Partner: Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) Uganda
Lead Member: Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada)
People Served: 6,600
Budget: $458,678 (Year 2)
Timeline: December 2022 - October 2023

Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO) is supporting the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) Uganda with a four-month humanitarian response project in Kapeta and Kacheri sub-counties of Karamoja, Uganda.

These two sub-counties are experiencing hunger and lack of access to food due to poor harvests over the last two years as a result of late or inconsistent rains, attributed to climate change. The latest IPC data on Karamoja shows that, overall, this area is IPC3 (nearly 500,000 people) with some more vulnerable people (90,000) at IPC4.

91,600 children and 9,500 pregnant women are projected to be acutely malnourished for the period February 2022 – January 2023. All nine districts of Karamoja are reporting large numbers of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) among children under 5. PAG Uganda will provide four monthly food basket transfers to 1,320 households (6,600 individuals).

The monthly food basket will consist of 50 kgs of posho (maize flour), 10 kgs of beans, 3 litres of cooking oil and 1 kg of salt. In addition, 7Kgs of CSB+ will be provided to individuals diagnosed with moderate acute malnutrition and those who are likely to deteriorate into MAM among the 1,320 households. A total of 264 mt of posho, 52.8 mt of beans, 15,840 liters of cooking oil, 5.28 mt of salt and 37 mt of CSB+ will be provided over the four-month project.

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