Reflecting on Labour Day: Our Commitment

Monday, September 04, 2023
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Anti-Racism Statement

As we celebrate Labour Day across the country, marking an unofficial end to summer and honouring people who work, may we also take time to honour the work of anti-racism, and the efforts we make to ensure fairness and equality for all people.   

The fight for fairness is exactly where the roots of today’s national holiday lie. It began in response to the struggles of working people, and a demand for better working conditions. 

This Labour Day, we also are advocating for changes that will improve the lives of people, by highlighting the work of anti-racism and our desire to invest in a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.   

Canadian Foodgrains Bank understands that all people are created equal and that discrimination against any person or group based on race, ethnicity, culture, or country of origin, or any other protected characteristic is in opposition to our organizational values as a faith-based Christian organization. 

We recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our systems and structures will enhance our capacity to achieve our vision and mission, and we commit to the continuing work of creating structures that ensure diverse representation in our domestic and international programs. 

We also acknowledge our need to actively work at addressing racist systems, structures, and attitudes within our own organization and in our sector that have historically disadvantaged Indigenous, Black, and other racially defined peoples. 

We are proud to be one of many signatories to Cooperation Canada’s Anti-Racism Framework for Canada’s International Cooperation Sector. By committing to this Framework, Foodgrains Bank acknowledges the need for collective efforts in combating systemic racism within the international cooperation sector. This commitment reflects our dedication to fostering inclusivity, equality, and justice in all aspects of our work, ultimately contributing to the promotion of human rights on a global scale.  

Foodgrains Bank strives to be an organization where individual self-worth and dignity are respected and affirmed. Dismantling barriers that prevent full access and participation is, in our view, the most enduring legacy of the ongoing global labour movement. 

To read our full Anti-Racism Commitment statement, visit this page.

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