Teachers’ Forum on Global Hunger & Food Security

About the Forum

Please continue to check back for other professional development opportunities for educators that we will be preparing for the coming school year.

The participants at the 2017 forum

The forum is designed to be an exchange of knowledge between Canadian Foodgrains Bank and 10-12 teachers from across Canada. Teachers learn about global hunger and poverty through a variety of presentations, hands on presentations of educational resources and outings. The group also discusses how to present these issues in a classroom setting.

Teacher participants give advice regarding educational resources, help identify curriculum connections, and give input into engagement with teachers across Canada. At the end of the event, teachers are required to complete Action Plans outlining how they will incorporate information and activities from the forum into their classes. They will be asked to report back at the end of the school year.

The participants at the 2017 forum

The agenda changes yearly, but is modeled after previous events. A highlight for many teacher participants is a visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, where the group explores the museum’s content on food as a human right. Participants often also choose to explore the museum on their own time.

The issues discussed over the three days can be incorporated into many learning outcomes identified within provincial and territorial curriculum in various grades and subject areas, notably:

  • Nutrition & Foods
  • Human Rights
  • Global Issues
  • International Aid & Development
  • Agriculture
  • Civics
  • Religious Studies


The content of this forum is suitable for upper elementary, middle years, or secondary school teachers from a faith-based or secular, public or private school in Canada. Teachers who have a personal interest or curricular connections to the above-mentioned issues will find the content most relevant. Teachers with previous connections with Canadian Foodgrains Bank (or one of our members) are particularly encouraged to apply. However, all applications will be reviewed and considered.

Visit to the CMHR


What was designed to be a one-time event in 2017 was a valuable opportunity for both Foodgrains Bank staff and Canadian teachers to discuss world issues & learning pedagogies. The forum is now an important part of our public engagement program.

Here are 5 of the reasons that previous participants have enjoyed attending the forum :

  • It is a small group of teachers from across Canada. This creates an ideal atmosphere for exchanges and dialogue.
  • The blend of hands-on activities, presentations, and field visits provides a good variety of learning methods.
  • Teachers leave with training in educational resources that they can incorporate into their lessons right away.
  • Teachers feel that they are well cared for and valued of during their time with us Winnipeg.
  • The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a national, world class institution both in terms of its content as well as architecture.

Bonus: If you wish to stay and explore outside of the forum activities, Winnipeg is a great city for teachers to visit. The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Old St. Boniface, The Royal Canadian Mint and Assiniboine Park are among popular tourist and learning attractions.


Costs are subsidized through our grant with Global Affairs Canada. The table below is a reference for the fees set in 2020. Fees will vary for year to year and depend on the departure point of the participant.




Outside of Manitoba


Flights to and from Winnipeg (does not include luggage)
3 nights hotel (private room)
3 lunches, 2 suppers, snacks and beverages (no breakfast)
Entrance to the CMHR
Forum related expenses

Within Manitoba (Outside of Winnipeg)


Mileage and parking to and from Winnipeg
3 nights hotel (private room)
3 lunches, 2 suppers, snacks and beverages (no breakfast)
Entrance to the CMHR
Forum related expenses

Within Winnipeg


Parking costs
3 lunches, 2 suppers, snacks and beverages (no breakfast)
Entrance to the CMHR
Forum related expenses


What teachers have said about the forum:

“Not only did I come away with lessons I could teach the very next day in class, and a newfound appreciation for my roles and responsibilities as a citizen of this country, the world and God’s kingdom, but I benefited from the collaboration of creative minds who have a multitude of experiences that enriched my own thinking and influenced my own practice as a teacher.” – Krystal, British Columbia

“As a teacher, I believe it is important to teach students about being good global citizens, and the teachers’ forum provided not only resources but also inspiration and support for doing so. I can honestly say that this was one of the best professional development opportunities that I have ever experienced.” – Rosie, Saskatchewan

“This was an excellent blend of learning content about the issues, participating in activities, and brainstorming ideas with colleagues.” – Lisa, Ontario

“I appreciated the activities, the easygoing flow of the activities, the cool people, and the great discussions. I will be able to use many ideas and activities as soon as I get back which will be great as a teacher.” – Paul, Nova Scotia

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