Food from the Field

Educational Activities

This resource provides information on several staple food plants grown and eaten by many around the world. These plants are particularly important for people living in regions of food insecurity. This resource includes information sheets which can be read by groups of students, a ‘mix and match’ card game which quizzes their understanding, and optional presentation and cooking assignments.

Learning objective: To teach students about staple food plants around the world, particularly those plants eaten by people who live in situations of food insecurity
Skills: Critical thinking, interpretation of information, vocabulary, reading comprehension, information retention, plant biology, nutrition, knowledge of world foods, geography, cooking
Recommended time: 50-75 minutes
Recommended grade level: Grade 7-12, Ages 11-18
Subjects: Social Studies, Science, Home Economics (foods and nutrition)
Number of participants: 1-30 (approximate)
Keywords: Staple foods, plants, international foods, nutrition