Preventing famine in Sool region

Emergency Food Assistance
Somalia Emergency Food Assistance Project
Implementing Partner: Adventist Development and Relief Agency- Somalia
Lead Member: Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada
People Served: 4,908
Budget: $1,329,408
Timeline: Nov 2022 - Nov 2023

Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada is supporting ADRA Somalia with a 12-month food assistance project in Sool region, Somaliland. This project is responding to the hunger crisis in Somalia.

The drought has intensified and failed rains have led to crop and harvest failure in the agricultural regions of southern and northwestern Somalia, resulting in below-average production and high prices for staple foods. The persistent drought conditions have aggravated acute food insecurity among the most vulnerable households. The situation remains dire as dry weather conditions remain prevalent. Cash transfers have proven to be the most appropriate modality in Somalia as most food items can be purchased in nearby markets.

In response, this project will provide 818 households (4,908 individuals) with ten monthly mobile cash transfers of USD $100 which will be used to purchase a household’s minimum food needs.

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