Improving food security for children suffering from malnutrition

Emergency Food Assistance
Zimbabwe Emergency Food Assistance Project
Implementing Partner: Child Care Ministries
Lead Member: Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada)
People Served: 13,020
Budget: $238,574
Timeline: July 2022- June 2023

Emergency Relief and Development Overseas is supporting Child Care Ministries (CCM) with a 12-month food assistance and nutrition project in Tshlotsho District, North Matebeleland Zimbabwe.

In the past year, Zimbabwe experienced erratic rains which led to crop losses in some areas of the countries, Northern Matableland was badly affected. Coupled with the country’s poor macro-economic situation and very high inflation households struggle to access sufficient food supplies. Most targeted households are expected to experience crisis food insecurity (IPC 3) and children’s nutrition is threatened.

In response, CCM will work in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and local community to identify children suffering from or at risk of malnutrition and provide corn soya blend + and deworming treatments to improve health and food security. 13,020 children are planned to receive this assistance.

The Government of Zimbabwe will also support these households with half-ration, general food distributions throughout the project intervention.

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