Agriculture and livelihoods food assistance in Madagascar (HERD)

Emergency Food Assistance
Madagascar Nexus Project
Implementing Partner: Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar
Lead Member: World Renew Canada
People Served: 9,662
Budget: $255,508 (Year 2)
Timeline: January 2022 - December 2024

World Renew is supporting SAF-FJKM to implement a project in Amboasary-atsimo in southern Madagascar.

Southern Madagascar is facing high levels of food insecurity due to a severe and ongoing drought along with insecurity and the impact of COVID-19. Participants will receive six months of food assistance – including both rice and cash assistance.

The project also includes a diversified strategy of livelihood interventions including: climate-smart agriculture (inputs and training), supporting fisheries, livestock restocking, village savings and loans associations, and supporting participants to establish non-agricultural livelihoods and
agricultural value-added processing.

The project will work with 1,500 households (9,662 individuals) in 17 fokontanys in the commune of Berano Ville Municipality.

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