Burundi, Humanitarian, Early Recovery and Development in Ruigi and Cankuzo Provinces

Emergency Food Assistance
Implementing Partner: Lutheran World Federation Burundi
Lead Member: Canadian Lutheran World Relief
People Served: 4,500
Budget: $946,000
Timeline: March 2021 – September 2022

Canadian Lutheran World Federation is supporting Lutheran World Federation Burundi with an 18-month combined humanitarian and development project in Ruyigi and Cankuzo provinces.

Many people who fled violence in Burundi in past years are now returning home. However, flooding, landslides and the global pandemic are making the return a challenge. The returnees, as well as longtime residents, and people who have fled from other parts of Burundi now making a home in Ruigi and Cankuzo, are struggling to get enough to eat.

In response, 350 households are receiving nine months of emergency cash with which they can buy food.

The early recovery and development component of the project includes agricultural training and support, as most people in the area are farmers. Support and training for gender equality is included as well.

Altogether, 900 households (4,500 individuals) are benefitting from this project.


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