Improving agriculture and livelihoods in Mwandi District

Long-term Response
Zambia Long-Term Response Project
Implementing Partner: United Church of Zambia
Lead Member: World Renew Canada
People Served: 7,840
Budget: $185,718 (Year 3)
Timeline: January 2022 – December 2026

World Renew Canada is supporting United Church of Zambia with a five-year agriculture and livelihood project in 16 communities of Mwandi District, Zambia. The western region of Zambia has been experiencing drought in the past six years. Prior to the drought, Western and Southwest districts in Zambia were the most vulnerable and underserved parts of the country and had over 80% of households living in chronic and multi-dimensional poverty including food insecurity. Households also do not have enough assets or access to resources, skills, and inputs to make investments in the good years that can be sustained through years when they face increased shocks and stresses.

This project follows up on previous food assistance projects the Foodgrains Bank supported in the past few years and will work to achieve outcomes that provide long term transformation to those most at risk of food security.

The project will specifically work with participants to access additional resources through village savings and loans associations, improve the feeding and care practices of children under the age of two through nutrition trainings, and increase food security by improving and diversifying agricultural production through training and support on conservation agriculture techniques.

The project will also engage communities to explore gender justice and empowerment issues to address root causes of poverty and food security at both the household and community level. Over five years, the project aims to benefit 1,400 households (7,840 individuals).

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