Implementing farmer field schools to support agriculture

Emergency Food Assistance
Sudan Nexus Project
Implementing Partner: Adventist Development and Relief Agency-Sudan
Lead Member: Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada
People Served: 7,500
Budget: $293,320 (Year 1)
Timeline: March 2023 – April 2026

ADRA Canada is supporting ADRA Sudan and the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO) with a three-year agriculture and livelihoods project in nine villages in the Kurmuk locality, Blue Nile State, Sudan.

These areas have been affected by numerous issues, including ongoing conflict and displacement, insufficient and infrequent rainfall, poor infrastructure, and challenging gender dynamics. The result of these complex issues is significant food insecurity. Over 50% of households faced food shortages in the past year.

In response to these issues, ADRA Sudan and SUDO will support farmers through farmer field schools to implement conservation or regenerative agriculture practices, including better soil and water management. Pastoralists will also be supported through village savings and loans groups. Work on gender equality will further enhance the work on agriculture.

Over five years, the project aims to work with 1,250 households (approximately 7,500 individuals).

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