Improving food security for farmers in Rajaampur and Dharmpu

Long-term Response
Bangladesh Long-Term Response Project
Implementing Partner: Bangladesh Nazarene Mission
Lead Member: Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada
People Served: 6,400 people
Budget: $167,000
Timeline: February 2021 - March 2024

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada is supporting Bangladesh Nazarene Mission with a three-year agriculture and livelihood project in Rajarampur and Dharmapur Unions, Bangladesh.

In this area, 85% of the population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods and household food consumption. Traditionally, farmers only grow rice and maize due to limited knowledge about alternative agriculture practices and the importance of crop diversification. Households cannot produce enough food year-round and cope by liquidating assets, selling livestock prematurely, and taking loans at high interest during lean seasons. Gender inequalities, which make it difficult for women to access cash, make decisions, and receive fair value for agriculture products, are an added burden for women to sustain household food needs year-round.

In response, this project will work to increase food security and dietary diversity by improving knowledge and practices in growing more as well as better diversified crops and increase farmers income by facilitating market linkages with local agriculture service providers to scale-up farmer crop production sales. The project will also increase awareness about women’s rights and provide space for women to collectively bargain for equitable access to agriculture and other income earning opportunities through the creation of self-help groups.

Over three years, this project aims to work with 6,400 participants (approximately 1,400 households).

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