Emergency food assistance for families facing conflict in Yemen

Emergency Food Assistance
Implementing Partner: Raeduun for Sustainable Development
Lead Member: Christian and Missionary Alliance
People Served: 4,300
Budget: $479,100
Timeline: March 2020 - August 2020

Christian and Missionary Alliance is supporting Raeduun for Sustainable Development with a six-month food assistance project in Al Mukha district of Taiz Governorate, totaling $479,100.

Four years of intense fighting has left 80 percent of Yemen’s population (about 24 million people) in need of humanitarian assistance, including 14 million people in acute need.

In the project area, about 78,000 people forced from their homes in other parts of the country have arrived in need of emergency food.

Host communities are already dependent on humanitarian assistance. Providing additional food for newcomers is a struggle.

In response, this project will provide six monthly food rations of wheat, beans, oil, sugar and salt to 622 vulnerable displaced households (about 4,300 individuals).

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