Supporting farmers and pastoralists in Abalak Commune

Long-term Response
Niger Long-Term Response Project
Implementing Partner: Samaritan’s Purse Niger
Lead Member: Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada
People Served: 21,210
Budget: $428,581 (Year 3)
Timeline: April 2023 – March 2026

Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is supporting Samaritan’s Purse Niger with a three-year agriculture and livelihoods project in 15 villages in Abalak Commune, Niger.

Food insecurity has persisted in this area of Niger due to uncertain climatic conditions, frequent social and environmental shocks, limited arable land, and decreased overall agricultural production.

In response to these issues, Samaritan’s Purse Niger will support vulnerable farmers and pastoralists to improve livelihoods resiliency though livelihoods diversification, the provision of improved agricultural inputs, and building the capacity of targeted households to practice improved agricultural and livestock management techniques. Improved access to water through borehole rehabilitation will also be a component of this project.

Over three years, the project aims to work with 3,030 vulnerable households (approximately 21,210 individuals).

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