Foodgrains Bank increases global impact to reach over one million people

Monday, July 10, 2023
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A woman and her child in Ethiopia

For every person we see move from the pain of hunger into the relief of food security, it is worth the effort.

Andy Harrington, Foodgrains Bank executive director

For the first time in recent years, our members and partners committed to serve over one million people globally who are experiencing hunger.

In 2022-23, Foodgrains Bank member agencies budgeted to provide assistance to 1,103,795 people in 36 countries. This includes 126 projects with $79,854,755 of funding for humanitarian assistance and nutrition, and longer-term development work.

“Committing to serve more than one million people is an incredible milestone, especially in the midst of a global hunger crisis,” says Foodgrains Bank executive director Andy Harrington.

“As the number of people going hungry in the world increases, our heightened response is an encouraging sign we’re moving in the right direction. For every person we see move from the pain of hunger into the relief of food security, it is worth the effort.

In this past fiscal year, Foodgrains Bank approved funding of food assistance for 617,008 people in 21 countries experiencing humanitarian emergencies and malnutrition.

Additionally, Foodgrains Bank funded support for 343,992 people facing long-term hunger, and 103,596 people working towards long-term food security as they recover from humanitarian crises.

All programs were implemented by Foodgrains Bank member agencies, working through locally-based partner organizations.

Foodgrains Bank director of resources and public engagement Christina Philips says she is grateful for the consistent support of Canadian donors who gave a record $21.6 million in the past year, as well as the ongoing partnership with the Canadian government.

“It’s encouraging to know there are so many Canadians who have helped us reach this milestone by choosing to join us in the mission of ending hunger. Providing support to over one million people experiencing hunger in the past year wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and care Canadians continue to show for their global neighbours in the midst of the hunger crisis.

These numbers were originally published in the 2023 Annual Report. Download or order your copy here

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