Farm supply company celebrating elevator expansion by helping end global hunger

Thursday, August 26, 2021
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Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd. is celebrating their largest expansion in more than 40 years while adding a charitable twist to mark the occasion—by helping provide food to people in need around the world.

Since the end of 2019, Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd. (MFS) has been building a new feed manufacturing facility, which they are expecting will allow them to more than double their capacity. President of MFS, Andrew Coghlin, states that the new addition “shows our commitment to the local area which continues to be a fabulous place to produce livestock, milk and poultry products and is a significant contributor to the food supply chain.”

Coghlin was intrigued when long-time customer and supplier Ray Dykstra from Windy Lane Farms came to him with an idea.

Dykstra asked Coghlin if he could be the first load in for the new mill. It wasn’t for his own business, though. Instead, he asked that the proceeds from this load be donated to CanadianFoodgrainsBank, a Canadian international development organization that is focused on ending global hunger.

“Molesworth Farm supply has been an integral part of Windy Lane Farms and our family’s success since we began farming in 1978 and we were excited for them on this milestone. But I’d rolled this idea of the first load being donated around in my head for months,” says Dykstra.

“Then one day in the parking lot of MFS, I called Andrew and asked to speak to him and put it out there. Andrew was enthusiastic about the idea but asked for a week to think about it. After a week he called and told me he would be pleased to match the donation.

“I was over the moon when Andrew said he would match it,” adds Dykstra. “We really want to thank MFS for their generous support to the Foodgrains Bank.”

MFS has a supportive history with theFoodgrainsBank and Coghlin thought this was a great way to inaugurate the new feed mill. “This is about recognizing challenges around the globe, and this is our time to recognize global nutrition,” he says. “Both our families take these issues seriously. Human nutrition should be a concern for anyone.”

The new mill will be in operation at the beginning of September.

The company will also help facilitate other farms and suppliers that would like to make a donation to the Foodgrains Bank by sending the proceeds of their crop donations and donor’s info directly to the charity.

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