Hunger Hotspot: Northern Kenya

Monday, April 11, 2022
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On the television or radio, or perhaps at church or through your social media feeds, we all often catch short stories about emergency hunger situations around the world and the people who are affected by them. Our staff, member agencies and local partners are watching various Hunger Hotspot areas in 2022, including northern Kenya.

In a request for assistance on behalf of local community members, local partners of our member Nazarene Compassionate Ministries have shared that there hasn’t been any rainfall since last August in Kenya’s Turkana region.

Prolonged drought has left animals starving to death from lack of food and water. Both wild animals and the domestic animals that so many northern Kenyans rely on for their livelihoods have been affected.

Several of our members are responding with emergency food assistance in Turkana for those most in need, as well as through longer-term agricultural development projects.

Please pray for the people who are living in northern Kenya, that they would know God’s love and find relief from the hardships they face.

This feature was originally published in the winter 2022 edition of Breaking Bread.

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