Donation of hail insurance means peace of mind, more help for people experiencing hunger

Thursday, April 29, 2021
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A tractor in a field

Photo credit: AFSC

Is there anything that breaks a farmer’s heart more than seeing a beautiful healthy crop destroyed by hail? Hail damage is frustrating at the best of times, including for farmers who have donated their time and energy to growing a crop whose proceeds are destined for Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is grateful for the support of Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) in donating the first $80/acre of hail insurance for every growing project in the province of Alberta.

Hunger response projects through the Foodgrains Bank include emergency humanitarian projects in countries like Syria and South Sudan, and development projects that provide agricultural training and help lift people out of poverty in the longer-term.

“AFSC’s generous donation to provide hail insurance coverage to Albertan growing projects like ours provides a great sense of relief when storm clouds come rolling in,” says Mikaela LeMay, a growing project coordinator for the Young Guns growing project near Trochu, Alberta.

“Hail can really devastate a crop, and knowing we are protected helps keep our project growing. Not only is this donation an incredibly valuable asset to help ensure our crop’s security, the staff at our local AFSC branch are always helping and welcoming.”

A tractor in a field

Photo credit: AFSC

For AFSC Chief Executive Officer Darryl Kay, providing hail insurance to growing projects is a role his company can play in the fight against global hunger.

“AFSC is proud to support these growing projects by sponsoring straight hail coverage. We recognize that with the current pandemic situation – these projects are more important than ever, with even more vulnerability around food security,” says Kay. “We are very happy to play a small part in such important work—and to support the hardworking Alberta farmers who share their harvest, while helping feed the world.”

“On behalf of the 35 growing projects in Alberta, we’re grateful to AFSC for this support, says Foodgrains Bank executive director Andy Harrington. “Farmers and project organizers put a tremendous amount of work into ensuring the success of their project. Hail insurance means more money can go toward people who are hungry overseas.”

Last year, growing projects in Alberta raised $1.7 million for the work of ending global hunger via the Foodgrains Bank.

About AFSC:

Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) is a provincial Crown corporation that provides producers, agribusinesses and other small businesses loans, crop insurance and farm income disaster assistance. AFSC has provided Alberta farmers with hail insurance for over 80 years, and has grown into a diverse corporation with several core business areas, including crop insurance, livestock price insurance, farm loans, commercial loans and farm income disaster assistance. AFSC has branch offices across Alberta and is headquartered in Lacombe. AFSC employs over 600 people across the province and has been named a Top 70 Alberta Employer in 2021 and Top 100 Canada Employer for 2021.

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