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Thursday, February 02, 2023
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Every gift makes a difference. Every person is worth serving. May this year be one of prosperity and peace.

Andy Harrington, Foodgrains Bank executive director

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

This year marks 40 years of existence for Canadian Foodgrains Bank. And since 1983, together we have provided over one billion dollars of food assistance and agricultural investment for people in over 70 countries!

In the Winter 2023 edition of Breaking Bread, you’ll read about some of our journey: a timeline of when members joined, crises we’ve responded to and when new programs began. A mission that began because of compassionate Canadians wanting to help and one that continues to grow in impact because of donors like you.

It’s a big vision – a world without hunger. Our members and their partners around the world served almost a million people last year and we hope to see even more people served this year. That’s a lot of people, but we know God cares for each one by name.

That includes people like 16-year-old Osline Pauleus.

In the midst of the current crisis in Haiti, Mennonite Central Committee Canada and its local partner are still able to serve seven communities where food insecurity is a major issue with an agriculture and livelihoods project, including the one where Osline lives.

Girl smiling outside in nature

Osline Pauleus grows fresh vegetables in her garden and teaches others in her community in Haiti how to do so as well. (Photo: Submitted.)

The young woman joined a youth club where she learned about sustainable agriculture methods to establish agroforestry gardens, how to plant her own garden and ways to show others.

“Before I was only able to eat these vegetables once in awhile, but thankfully I can now find all these vegetables in my own garden. I feel happy because my family and I always have vegetables available,” says Osline.

She’s also eager to demonstrate what she learned with others.

“When people from the area visit my garden, they go and replicate the same vegetable planting techniques that I used,” she says.

A generous gift from you reaches people in over 30 countries where we work today. Every gift makes a difference. Every person is worth serving. May this year be one of prosperity and peace.

This article was originally published in the Winter 2023 edition of Breaking Bread. Download your copy here.

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