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Monday, October 31, 2022
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This assistance was timely, and we would not have survived without it.

Olena Slobodianiuk, Ukraine resident assisted with emergency food through ADRA

Each year, the 15 members of the Foodgrains Bank come together to respond to crises and disasters around the world. Violent conflicts, extreme climate events, as well as pandemics, refugee displacements and economic collapses are all situations where humanitarian assistance is necessary.

And as large crises arise, the Foodgrains Bank will also come together with 11 like-minded Canadian agencies and take part in appeals with the Humanitarian Coalition.

The HC is also often the place where the government will provide matching donations. 2022 has seen the Humanitarian Coalition come together for the crisis in Ukraine, the Hunger Crisis in the Horn of Africa and the extreme flooding in Pakistan.

Olena stands near the ATM after withdrawing part of money received from ADRA Ukraine. Photo: ADRA Ukraine.

Helping people forced to flee from Ukraine’s Kherson region

In Ukraine, the situation in the Kherson region continues to deteriorate with regular explosions and shelling. Villages have no electricity or water and shops have been closed since the beginning of the war. The situation worsened this summer with intensified frontline fights between the Russian army and Ukrainian forces.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada is supporting ADRA Ukraine with multi-purpose cash assistance to people from Kherson displaced from their communities. The cash assistance can be used for essential goods, utilities or resources necessary to ensure their long-term survival. The cash was distributed via bank transfers to 6,605 people.

Before the start of the conflict, Olena Slobodianiuk’s family lived in Bilozerka village. When the Russians occupied Kherson, the family evacuated to Kyiv in May 2022, arriving with almost no money and needed financial assistance to rent an apartment and buy food. Fortunately, ADRA Ukraine offered help to them.

“This assistance was timely, and we would not have survived without it,” says Slobodianiuk. “ADRA Ukraine has become a light at the end of the tunnel for us. We are very grateful.”

By working together, Canadians are provided with a simple way to help when a disaster strikes. This helps streamline fundraising so we can concentrate on delivering aid to people in need. We really are stronger together.

This article was originally published in the Fall 2022 edition of Breaking Bread. Download your copy here.

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