Grow Hope

Bringing rural and urban Canadians together in support of ending global hunger

Through Grow Hope, you can become a farmer by sponsoring an acre of farmland. Funds raised through the project may be matched up to 4:1 through the Foodgrains Bank and will be used to support people around the world with emergency food and longer-term food security support.

While you provide hope to people around the world through food, you can also learn more about farming and what’s involved in growing food.

How it works

Farmers will grow crops for a Foodgrains Bank member. Depending on the crop being grown, it will cost $300, $400 or $500 an acre for seed and other inputs. During the growing season, you will receive field updates on the crop you are sponsoring. Once the crops are harvested, farmers will sell them and donate the entire proceeds to that member’s account at the Foodgrains Bank.

Your sponsorship grows and multiplies—just like the seeds planted by the farmer. 

Select a Grow Hope project from the list below to learn more. Since the projects might invite you to the farms during the growing season to see your sponsored acres, you may want to choose one close to you.