Corporate Support

Every year, Canadian Foodgrains Bank gratefully receives support from hundreds of companies across Canada. This support includes:

  • Facilitating the collection of grain donations
  • Providing inputs and services to community growing projects
  • Monetary donations
  • Promoting the Foodgrains Bank program among customers and staff
  • Providing free services to Foodgrains Bank.

We welcome companies—big and small—that would like to be part of our mission of ending global hunger.

Our Corporate Supporters

Thanks to the generosity of businesses across Canada, which annually provide funding, in-kind support of inputs and other products, along with other services, Canadian Foodgrains Bank is able to meet the food needs of households facing food shortages in the developing world, improve nutrition for children and mothers, and strengthen agriculture production and livelihoods so that poor households can gain better access to food.

We are especially grateful to the following national businesses, which annually provide significant donations of products or services across Canada: Agrium, Bayer, Bunge, Cargill, CropScience, Dow Agrosciences, Dupont, Monsanto, Novozymes BioAg, Paterson Grain, Richardson Pioneer, Syngenta, Viterra, and others.

Thanks to all for their support!

How Your Company Can be Involved

The work of the Foodgrains Bank is made possible by farmers across Canada. This includes over 200 growing projects, where farmers come together to plant, tend and harvest a crop, donating the proceeds of the sale to the Foodgrains Bank. Their efforts are made possible by support from hundreds of companies, both big and small, which donate products and services or make financial contributions. To all of these businesses we say “thanks!” Your assistance helps us to achieve our mission of a world without hunger.

There are a number of ways your company can be part of our mission to end global hunger:

  • Growing Projects
  • Cash Grants
  • Year End Donations in Lieu of Christmas Cards and Gifts
  • In-Kind Pro Bono Work
  • Employee Giving Programs
  • Loaned Representatives (Skilled Volunteering)

Growing projects are at the heart of the Foodgrains Bank. Through them, people in rural Canada come together to grow and harvest a crop, donating the proceeds from the sale of the crop to the Foodgrains Bank.  Through them, people in rural Canada can use their skills, gifts and abilities to help those who don’t have enough to eat.

The growing projects are made possible by the generous support of businesses that donate inputs and services, including insurance, at the community, provincial and national levels. This includes seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, seed treatment and trucking. Donations of cash are also welcome for expenses such as land rent and other costs.

We also welcome donations from businesses for our work in the developing world. A gift of any amount will be used to provide emergency food aid, to provide support for nutrition programs that help children and mothers, and for agriculture and livelihoods programs that help farmers improve their farms and their lives.

Instead of giving Christmas cards or gifts to their staff and customers, some companies make a donation on behalf of their employees in the amount they would have spent for the holiday greetings. Staff and customers are told about the holiday philanthropy through internal communications. These donations are used for our  programs in the developing world. We can supply photos and other information to help companies make cards that reflect their desire to help those who don’t have enough to eat.

Companies can also support the Foodgrains Bank through the provision of professional services such as advertising space, in-kind product donations, complimentary professional services, etc. These pro bono donations help us keep our costs lower and reduce our fundraising costs, ensuring that more money can be used for programs to end hunger.

If your company has an employee giving campaign, you could provide your staff with an option to donate to the Foodgrains Bank. A corporate matching grant for each employee’s donation would double your company’s support of our work. Through our regional coordinator network, we could provide a speaker to come and make a presentation to your employees about how their donations can help people in the developing world get enough to eat.

Periodically, the Foodgrains Bank is in need of additional temporary volunteer staff to assist with its operations, such as professional accountants that help us to conduct overseas field audits. Companies that are interested in loaning professional staff to the Foodgrains Bank benefit by increasing the scope of their staff’s development, improving their recruitment and retention, providing an opportunity for staff to gain international experience, and improving their competitive advantage by enhancing their image and reputation.

Contact Information

For information about how your company can join the hundreds of businesses across Canada that support the Foodgrains Bank, email Tami Duff, or phone 1.800.665.0377.

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