Agriculture & Livelihoods

Ag&LivelihoodsAgriculture and livelihood projects focus on helping people provide food for themselves and their families in the longer term. We work with farmers to increase their yields through sustainable agriculture practices, and help people generate more income from what they grow.

In some projects, we provide people with seeds and farming tools to help them get started, or organize woman’s groups to support women farmers in managing the income they receive from selling their produce.

In other projects, we teach farmers new ways of farming to help them adapt to changing weather patterns, or to help them be better able to withstand natural disasters.

In 2018-19, we committed $13 million on agriculture and livelihoods programming.

One example of an agriculture and livelihoods project is in Bangladesh, where we are working through our member Tearfund Canada to help rural women begin raising ducks to generate extra income for their families.