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We're in a hunger crisis

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Donate today to help our members and their partners provide much needed support in the midst of the hunger crisis.

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Canadian Foodgrains Bank is deeply conscious of the trust placed in us by thousands of Canadians in ensuring your gifts are used wisely. Thanks for partnering with us in the work of ending global hunger.

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Too many women, men, and children are going to bed hungry all too often.

Last year, up to 783 million people around the world experienced hunger. While these numbers have decreased from 2021, the number of people experiencing hunger is far above pre-pandemic levels.

Global efforts against hunger are making a difference – but the fight must continue.

In places like Africa, Western Asia, and the Caribbean, hunger is still on the rise. For 30 million people globally who are experiencing emergency levels of hunger, their everyday reality means not knowing when their next meal will come. It means selling everything you have, just to provide a little bit of food for your family. Starvation is knocking on their door, and the risk of famine becomes more likely by the day.

But together, we can work to save lives.

This hunger crisis is not one caused by lack of food. We know there is enough food in the world to feed every person – so why are people hungry?

Conflict, closed borders, lingering impacts of COVID-19, the climate crisis and soaring food prices have caused a breakdown in food supply chains.

Whether it’s poverty, the inability to grow food because of prolonged droughts or broken systems that don’t allow food to be brought into a community, what we’re dealing with is an issue of access.

With millions of people living so close to the edge, the resources don’t match up to the reality, and eventually, heartbreaking decisions will need to be made by local partners…

Do we feed less to more people, or feed just enough to less people?

We never want to be in a position where those decisions need to be made. That’s why we’re asking for your help.

Foodgrains Bank works to prevent hunger by providing emergency food access during times of crisis, as well as working to ensure long-term food security so people can be stronger and more resilient when the crises hit.

Donate now to help prevent hunger.