Scaling-Up Conservation Agriculture marketing

Conservation Agriculture and Marketing Videos

Step One

Market Mapping and Strategies

Market mapping is an introductory exercise to pull farmers’ knowledge about market options in a way that they can discuss and be more proactive. Farmers are prompted to including non traditional buyers. Farmers reflect and set new strategies in Exercise 4: Collaboration strategies.

Step Two

Seasonal Price Calendar

Price Calendar mapping is a transformative exercise for farmers to reflect and discuss their current situation of selling low, and having nothing to sell when prices are high. Farmers reflect and determine to allocate more crop for delayed sales using storage and aggregation strategies in Exercise 4: Collaboration strategies.

Step Three

Gross Margin and Comparative Analysis

The Gross Margin Analysis immediately follows the price calendar using current sales price, and farmer are able identify how they can improve their farming business by comparing costs, prices, volume and crop mix. Those strategies are further developed in Exercise 4: Collaboration strategies

Step Four

Collaboration and Aggregation Strategies

The Collaboration strategies is summarizing key strategies from the first 3 exercises and setting practical next steps and overcoming obstacles. They outcome is farmers take ownership in their marketing with immediate actions, and have the tools to continue to refine each successive season.

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Marketing Facilitators’ Guide

This guide has been developed and refined for the Scaling Up Conservation Agriculture in East Africa program. Implementing partners have engaged thousands of farmers and contributed to the high economic impact from blending marketing skills with enhanced farming technology such as conservation agriculture. This manual celebrates the farmer, who can quickly find their solutions through facilitative and collaborative learning.