Vision, Mission and Values

Working together to end global hunger

Our Vision
A world without hunger.

Our Mission
Working together to end global hunger.

Our Values

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is rooted in the belief that humankind is created in the image of God and that it is God’s desire that no person should go hungry. The availability of food and access to that food is fundamental to life itself. Food is required to sustain life, to provide the strength for work, and to share in the fellowship of one’s family and community.

The members and staff of Canadian Foodgrains Bank are guided by the following values:

  • Compassion – to love and stand in solidarity with those who are hungry;
  • Equality – to uphold the value, equality and rights of all women, children and men as creatures bearing the image of God;
  • Generosity – to recognize God’s generosity and the abundance of creation, and to respond with gratitude and generosity;
  • Human Dignity – to respect the dignity of people and their desire to be able to feed themselves;
  • Justice – to recognize the powers and structures that perpetuate hunger for some, and an over-abundance for others, and to address those imbalances;
  • Peace – to foster a culture of peace and respect for diversity;
  • Right to Food – to affirm God’s desire and the right of each person to have access to adequate food and to be free from hunger; and
  • Right Relationships – to work with a spirit of humility and mutuality and to act in an honest and transparent manner.