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Friday, May 06, 2022
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Andy Harrington

Can you imagine a world without hunger? I can. Let’s journey together until all are fed.

Andy Harrington, Foodgrains Bank executive director

‘Until All Are Fed’

“…from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”

One of the first tasks I was given as executive director was to lead the process of developing a five-year strategic plan of working towards a world without hunger. After a year’s worth of extensive consultation with staff, other sector leaders, Global Affairs Canada, growing project leaders, individual supporters, locally based partners and of course our members and board, I am pleased to inform you that we have a new visionary plan that builds on the Foodgrains Bank’s distinguished work. The new plan propels us forward, it is responsive to the emerging realities of global hunger and reflects the evolution of much work that is already established or is currently in work.

The plan has been built with ethical and theological seriousness, encourages inclusivity, continues and builds on our core work, creates space for learning and most importantly it deals with the big issues causing increased hunger in our times: climate, conflict and the consequences of the pandemic.

In living out our Christian response to hunger, we aim to be known for sector leading, locally-driven innovative partnerships that support systemic change and increase food security for at least 1.5 million people each year by 2026. That is the five-year destination.

Strategic Framework

We will get there by being courageous innovators. Pushing the horizons of what is possible in order to end hunger, we will not hesitate to chart new paths and challenge existing systems to achieve food security for all.

We want to make a compelling invitation to people like you, policy makers and funders to work with us in reaching people facing hunger.

We will also advance equitable practice, building on our rich relationships with local partners and communities who we serve with globally and being willing to reverse any practices that could limit meaningful expressions of the change communities want for themselves.

Finally, we will continue to cultivate vibrant network relationships, strengthening our community of faith, unity and mutual respect focused on the alleviation of hunger everywhere. The Foodgrains Bank network is a partnership where the mission is always first and where differences are respectfully heard and honoured.

I am inviting you to continue to help us reach that destination. We believe that God does not want
anyone to go hungry and I’m asking you to join us as we come alongside Him in that quest. Can you imagine a world without hunger? I can. Let’s journey together until all are fed.

To download or view the new strategic framework, click here

This article was published in the spring 2022 edition of Breaking Bread.

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