Climate Adaptation Fund

Helping small-scale farmers adapt to climate change

Many people who are hungry feel the consequences of climate change in their stomachs. A changing climate is pushing many vulnerable people further into poverty and hunger.

The smallholder farmers we work with tell us they are experiencing more extreme weather, including droughts and floods. They tell us seasons are becoming increasingly unpredictable, making it harder to know when to plant their crops. And they tell us they need support in adapting to this new reality.

The Climate Adaptation Fund is a practical way to respond to the needs of those who are already being affected by climate change.

How it Works

By donating to the Climate Adaptation Fund, you can acknowledge your personal contribution to the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change—things like travel, heating and electrical use. Your donation can be based on the amount of carbon you and your family produce each month or year.

Donations will go to Canadian Foodgrains Bank-supported projects that work with smallholder farmers on techniques to adapt to climate change and improve their ability to feed themselves, their families, and their communities.

To help you with this, we have provided links to carbon calculators that give an idea of how our various activities impact the environment. We suggest a donation of $25/tonne, which reflects the market for offset-type payments.

Or, simply make a donation of any amount to the Climate Adaptation Fund.

Common Calculations

Short flight (0-2 hours):
Suggested donation of $10
From approximately 0.4 tonnes of carbon
Medium flight (2-5 hours)
Suggested donation of $20
From approximately 0.8 tonnes of carbon
Long flight (5+ hours)
Suggested donation of $35
From approximately 1.4 tonnes of carbon
10,000 kilometers in a mid-size car
Suggested donation of $62.50
From emissions of about 2.5 tonnes of carbon

Calculating your footprint

For a more precise idea of how much carbon your lifestyle generates, we recommend using one of the calculators below. Simply input your information then return here to make your donation.