Group Activity: Stone Soup

Educational Activities

Inspired by the Stone Soup folk tale, this activity invites groups to share a meal together and to demonstrate how much is available if people share. This activity also highlights the importance of food allocation and access.

The resource includes a guide for leading activities around the Stone Soup story, as well as recipes, suggestions for related activities, and links to supplementary learning and reflection resources.

Learning objective: To have students learn more about food allocation and access and to recognize the value in sharing what we have.

Skills: Cooking (if youth are preparing the food), analysis, reflection, listening comprehension, sharing/contributing

Recommended time: About an hour and a half to prepare and eat the meal, plus time to prepare and do the supplementary activities. The proposed activities could also be spread out over a few sessions.

Recommended grade level: All ages

Subjects: Home economics (cooking), health & wellness, social studies / global issues, English /language arts, bible study

Keywords: Hunger, sharing, activity




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