Registering Your Growing Project

Registering your project helps us get a picture of how much support for ending hunger there is across Canada. We’d love to hear from you to know what your community’s plans are for the next year.

Registering will only take a moment, but please register as soon as possible.

Growing Project Agreement Form

Download the growing project agreement form here.

Registration Forms

To register online, please download and print the appropriate form below:

Alberta Growing Project Registration

Atlantic Growing Project Registration

British Colombia Growing Project Registration

Manitoba & Saskatchewan Growing Project Registration

Ontario Growing Project Registration

Please mail or email forms to:


Canadian Foodgrains Bank
P.O. Box 767
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 2L4


Stephanie Ball:

Benefits of Registering

Once you register your project, we can keep track of how much your project has raised. It is always nice to be able to look back and see how much your group has accomplished over the years. Registered projects are included in the Foodgrains Bank annual totals in the annual report financial review. To be included in this, you must register.

Registered projects will receive reminders from coordinators as well as office staff, who can answer questions about receipting and other project reporting. You will also receive information and updates about the work Canadian Foodgrains Bank is doing to end hunger.

If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Ball at or 1.800.665.0377.