Canadians working together to end global hunger

Tuesday, September 12, 2023
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Hunger on the Hill participants standing in front of parliament.


In the past year, Foodgrains Bank hosted two Hunger on the Hill events, with a total of 42 people participating. Participants told us most of the MPs they met with recognized the importance of implementing resilient food systems to alleviate global hunger and poverty.


With rising hunger around the world, and a commitment by the current government to increase aid every year, we expected to see Canada make new commitments to food security in the federal budget in March 2023. Instead, the budget cut Official Development Assistance (ODA) by 15%. Although we are disappointed, we will continue to advocate for the importance of international aid funding and remain hopeful for the possibility of funds being announced later in the year.


For nearly two years, our public policy team has been involved in a sector-wide campaign calling on the federal government to remove barriers to lifesaving aid in Afghanistan, where Canadian aid organizations have been unable to work since the Taliban took control. Canadians, including many Foodgrains Bank supporters, also lent their voices: nearly 10,000 emails were sent in 2022-23 from Canadians to members of Parliament. We are pleased to report these efforts have now resulted in the adoption of Bill C-41, which allows Canadian aid agencies to provide crucial humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan (and other similar contexts) without the threat of prosecution. Members of the Foodgrains Bank with partners in Afghanistan plan to begin programming soon. 

This story was originally published in the 2023 Summer edition of Breaking Bread. Download or order your copy here

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