We live in a world of abundance...

...We also live in an unequal world.

For some, a feast may be a simple meal of rice with vegetables, or cassava and sardines. Tables around the world vary greatly. However, giving thanks for food is universal.

Whether it’s a simple meal in solitude, or a feast with friends and family gathered together- how do you give thanks around your table? Are there prayers or songs you go back to time and again, much like a favorite recipe?

Inspired by the traditionally sung mealtime grace “For food in a world where many walk in hunger”;  the Giving Thanks booklet is a collection of 35 tables graces from different communities and cultures around the world, gathered and designed to encourage the practice of reflecting on God’s provision of food to us, while guiding us toward a hunger for justice that all may be fed.


Several of the prayers included in Giving Thanks may also be sung.

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