Earthquake affecting Turkiye and Syria

Help people in Türkiye and Syria

Donate today to help provide emergency assistance.

Your donation will support our members and their partners on the ground who are responding to this devastating situation.

Funds raised above the intended goal will be used for similar work.


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Your support is needed

Over 47,000 people are confirmed dead after a devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Türkiye and Syria in the early hours of Monday, February 6, followed by another 7.5 magnitude quake the same day.

Thousands more who survived the quakes need urgent help. It is estimated 90,000 people are injured, and 300,000 have been left homeless – in the midst of a cold, harsh winter.

When surrounded by rubble, the last thing anyone needs to feel is hunger. Your financial gift will provide assistance for women, men and children trying to survive the aftermath of this natural disaster and its aftershocks.

Donate today to help people in Türkiye and Syria.



Please also remember to keep the people affected by this disaster, and those trying to help, in your prayers.