Crisis in East Africa

Crisis in East Africa

Conflict. Climate. Hunger.

Something like 15 or 16 million people in Sudan were dependent on humanitarian assistance prior to the conflict. So this conflict is going to mean a real tragedy for them and for many other Sudanese.”
– Canadian Ambassador to Sudan, Philip Lupul, during his visit to Sudan in early May.

Your donation will support our members and their partners on the ground who are responding to this devastating situation.

Funds raised above the intended goal will be used for similar work.


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Conflict leads to hunger and hunger leads to conflict.

Our hearts are breaking for the people of East Africa as they face increased hunger as a result of violent conflict in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as extreme weather events across the Horn of Africa. While this region had already been facing severe hunger, the current Sudan conflict has made a bad situation worse. Whether it is a result of conflict or extreme weather, people’s livelihoods, their homes, and even their lives are at stake. 

In times like this, we need to act fast. Emergency food aid must be provided as soon as possible.

We’re responding to help local partners provide emergency assistance where it is most needed in countries such as Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, DR Congo, the Central African Republic and Somalia. 

People are fleeing the places they call home to escape the tragedy of war. Others are having to move because extreme drought means they can’t produce their own food. And yet, in many cases, they are fleeing to countries where our members and their local partners were already working to provide humanitarian assistance 

Despite their own difficulties, these countries have opened their arms to the women, men and children desperately looking for safety and food security. Let’s support their compassion.  

Our members and their locally-based partners are responding – they are there, ready to serve the most vulnerable people in need of emergency food assistance 

Donate today to help the people of East Africa.